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About The Journal Sisters – Hey, we’re Jing and Carol! We’re happy you came across our little space on the world wide web. Health and wellness, food and travel, hobbies, and tech and finance are some of the subjects we love to discuss and learn more about. For us, every day is a new day to experience a healthy, enriching, and wonderful life.

About The Journal Sisters

About The Journal Sisters

We are two people with different personalities. Yet, we love to support each other’s interests. Jing is all about plants, and being the BS Economics graduate, she also knows a thing or two about finances.

I, on the other hand, loves crafts, DIYs, and all things homey. I also love cooking! Check out our food and travel experiences here. For our health and wellness topics, you can check this.

We both love food and travel, and health. The name Journal Sisters comes from our mutual love of the written word. It’s a way for us to share how we feel and share the things we’ve experienced. This blog is also about facts.

We hope you’ll love this space and learn something you can use in your daily life.