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Hobby: 8 Reasons to Pursue It

Hobby or to some, a passion. It may be as simple as collecting old movie tickets to something grand, like hunting down vintage cars. Sometimes it’s related to our careers like multimedia artists who earn through their arts. I earn through my passions. One of those is writing. I also sell some homemade goodies once in a while.

Doing something I love makes me happy. It allows me to channel my creativity while earning. It’s awesome that more and more research shows that you can earn from your hobby and be content. Here’s what I learned so far.

You Make Time for Yourself When You Have a Hobby

The  Journal Sisters
Some of the books I own

Whether it’s learning a new language or taking cute pictures, having a hobby lets us all have fun! I was an avid reader for a time. I like reading from different authors like Lisa Gardner, Patricia Cornwell, and even Jenny Han. Those moments were precious to me because I immersed in the story. I wasn’t in my room anymore. It encouraged me to open up my vocabulary! No one would dare bother me when I read. That said, reading became a “me time.”

It Can Make You Healthy

Colorful Bromeliad
New leaves from our kaffir lime tree

These are some of our ornamental and edible plants. The pink ones above are Jing’s bromeliads. The double-leafed baby is my precious kaffir lime. We have a humble rooftop garden. Every day, Jing would tend that area. I also used to, but it’s jam-packed now with the babies. My allergies beg me to wait until we’ve cleared out some space. Soon, I hope.

Anyway, Jing is the plantita and a happy one. She’s always excited whenever there’s a newborn pups from her collections. She also doesn’t mind if the cacti prick her. I’ve seen her move pots and planters, and go about with her gardening. It keeps her healthy physically and mentally. The best part is she has her exercise inside the house.

Hobby and Stress

What shall I make this time?

They say no individuals are the same. I’ve seen people who are stressed needing people to calm them. That’s them. But for me, I prefer to be quiet when I’m not in my best mood. What I do is look for ways to divert my anxiety to something productive. These photos are some of the accessories I made. I learned on my own, which I’m proud of.

The thing about making DIY crafts is that you’re focused on creating something useful and beautiful. Like other crafts, you’re in the moment because you want a nice finish product. You also keep getting better every attempt. There’s no room for worries when you’re concentrating on your hobby.

hobby - The Journal Sisters
Which one would you like?
The Journal Sisters
My books and some special mementos
The Journal Sisters
Tin cans, bottles, and knick-knacks are my favorites!

Your Hobby and Earnings

Just a few of my beads collections

I mentioned above the possibility of earning from your hobbies. It’s one of the best feelings to do what you love. The era of forcing one’s self to work like a robot is long gone. We should be able to earn and be happy. At least, there are a lot who do. You should try it if you haven’t already. Don’t stop trying even if it’s not practical at the moment. It’s always a long journey before we reach our goals. The most important thing is we try.

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