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Hobbies: 3 Passion Projects You’ll Love

Hobbies – What do you do during your free time? In this household, we love to cook, bake, garden, make crafts, and more! Having a hobby is not only relaxing. It’s also fulfilling, especially when people appreciate your finished products. Here are three passion projects we love. I hope this inspires you.

Hobbies – 1


Langkawas, lemongrass, and kaffir limes are from our rooftop garden!
Chicken in Red Curry Sauce

I started cooking when I was 10. Mommy fried the bangus (milkfish) and told me I had to cook Bangus in Tausi. It was a familiar food. I’ve been watching my dad cook it for ages! That time, I was still afraid to fry fish, especially bangus. So, I cooked the already fried fish. It turned out alright. My next cooking sessions were trying out grilled hotdogs, and easy-to-do preparations like frying egg. It wasn’t until daddy taught me to cook Nilagang Baboy and steamed rice that I fell in love with cooking. I’ve been cooking since.


Baking is something I tried later on. It started small and tried baking macaroni. From macaroni, the urge to bake cakes and muffins got bigger. My first try was a disaster! I made an ube (purple yum) cake that didn’t look like a cake at all! The batter didn’t rise, and the color was bland. What I love is the white icing I made. It’s the next best thing to Goldilocks’ white icing.

There’s still a long way to go with my baking skills. But, I love how far I’ve come!

Hobbies – 2


Green thumb and Jing!
Jing takes care of these babies!

When we moved to our permanent home, our dream was to put many edible plants. I love the idea of harvesting vegetables, herbs, etc. But Jing loves ornamentals so much. Our small planter on the first floor wasn’t catching much sunlight. It was where the ornamentals were supposed to be. So, we transferred most of it and our rooftop garden became her home for ornamentals. She has a lot, I tell you! Her collection has grown. There are different coleus varieties, sansevieria, crypthantus, bromeliads, and more. For a time, we also tried cactus and succulents. Many of that cactus found a loving home here. But succulents are more sensitive. We still have some edible plants like herbs, kamias (bilimbi), kaffir lime, curry leaf tree, mulberry, peppers, and other leafy vegetables. I’m so proud of her green thumb.

Proud malunggay
Kamias aka iba or bilimbi

We learned these past months that life changes in a minute. Seize the day, as they say. Sometimes, we want to cook a certain food but can’t because of availability. Likewise, we also need more leafy vegetables for Summer.

That said, we plan to take care of more edible plants like kangkong, camote tops, spinach, etc. Matter of fact is Jing has some chili peppers and bell peppers growing. The two are already bearing fruits. Though she forbids me to take some! Jing says we should let the fruits grow more. Oh well.

Hobbies – 3

Crafts and DIYs

craft wire and beads

I’m the queen of this house when it comes to crafts! That’s because I’m the only one who loves it! LOL. I like trying out making cute stuff. In 2015, I took up dressmaking from TESDA. Starting a dress shop didn’t materialize. However, I still use what I learned from it now and then. Fabric isn’t the only thing I’m into. Beads, crafts wire, paper are just some of the media I use. I’ve made fabric bookmarks, cards, fabric Yo-yos, and accessories (like the ones I’ve posted above.

What your hobbies depend on your preferences.

You and Your Hobbies

There are so many more hobbies you can choose from. Do check this post regularly. I’ll be adding more soon!

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