make your dog happy
Summer Tails

Make Your Dog Happy in 10 Ways

How to Make Your Dog Happy?

We’ve had dogs since I can remember. From poodle to Japanese Spitz crossbreed, these fur-babies were adorable. Summer is our nth baby puppy. She is a chow-chow-Shih-Tzu crossbreed. This wonderful super-girl is the love of our lives. Even our aunts, uncle, and cousins love her. Words aren’t enough to describe the joy she continues to bring in our lives, especially after losing family members these past few years.

A Little Something About Summer

This cute little girl is one of the kindest and most lovable dog we’re honored to have met. Imagine waking up each day to a warm kiss and hug. She appreciates the gifts she receives. Her toys are all intact, with only a few needing stitches once in a while. She puts them back to their places. Also, she rescues them when her mama (my mom) puts them in the swimming pool, aka “the toy bath.”

Summer never jumps on the table to snatch food. She patiently wait if you’ll give her some treats. Because she has some medical conditions, I have to give her a lot of medicines daily. Some of these are vitamins and others, to protect her organs. It’s our daily routine. I sing to her while giving her meds. While other dogs hide when it’s medicine time, Summer comes near so she can take them. She also waits for her water syringe like a spoiled puppy.

We feed her rice and vegetables, and a special diet, dog food for her health. She used to eat only chicken and rice. But since her diet needed adjustment, it became rice and vegetables. At first, she was reluctant to eat only rice and vegetables. Of course, dogs love their chicken! Yet, she gave in and embraced the diet changes. We treat her once in a while. Like her last birthday (November, 22), we gave her a bit of her favorite.

Despite, her health struggles, she is one happy dog. Here’s why! Plus some tips you can add that might help!

make your dog happy
Summer’s first birthday

Give your dog lots of attention

So, Summer is a spoiled little girl. I won’t say the puppy never throws tantrums. She does, of course! But she is also a kind and obedient baby. She likes to nap a lot of time. Yet, when she wants attention, she would go near us, put hear head onto our laps and show her beautiful eyes. She does this to me when I’m working on the computer. I don’t mind taking a break to hug her and play with her for a few minutes. In a way, it’s also helping me avoid muscle spasms!

Aside from that, we know she wants attentions when she stretches her body. She would show her belly and let us scratch it. She lies on her back and show her teeth too. Sometimes, she would snatch something that’s not hers, like a hanky or baby powder. Summer knows she can only play with her toys and random paper products. So, if she’s snatching it, then we know she wants attention.

We all get busy but having a dog is also like having a kid. I know not everyone will agree to this. But, there are times when we stay up all night because Summer is sick. She has a habit of sitting on our faces when she’s not feeling well. Summer also like to move about the bed when she feels bothered. If that’s not devotion, then I don’t know what is. That’s why paying attention to their needs is important like they’re also human.

make your dog happy
Summer baby and mommy
Puppy girl and Tita Visitor

Playtime and Exercise Will Make Your Dog Happy

In relation to attention, dogs need lots of playtimes. Summer doesn’t require a lot. Though, she’s excited once she’s outside. I take her 15 minutes walking ( she’s not allowed to walk a long time). She likes to smell the flowers. And, she loves running after the neighborhood cats! At home, she likes playing with her toys. She just nips them and kisses them. I also play with her. We would sort of wrestle around like roosters in a cockpit. I taunt her by bumping onto her sides slightly. Her retaliation is the gentle biting of my legs. It’s funny because I see how active she is when we do this. I’m not an active person, but I try.

make your dog happy
Natural foods for a very special puppy
Summer girl

Conversations Make Your Dog Happy

Have you seen your dog’s eyes light up whenever you say something good about them? It’s because they understand. I tell Summer she is a good dog all the time! Those praises come with I love you and terms of endearment. It’s important to tell them so they know how proud you are of them!

You can also talk to them about anything. Our aunt passed last October and Summer knew what was happening. She continues to mourn with us. We all talk to her and she listens well. She may not be able to answer with words. But, her kisses and stillness let us understand that she knows what we’re feeling.

Make your dog happy
A sad puppy in Arlington
Summer tails
Don’t mind the diapers, please.

Bring Your Dog with You to Make Your Dog Happy

Summer has gotten so big now! Yet, we bring her with us almost everywhere. We never leave her behind if all of us are going out. She was with us during our aunt’s wake. I can’t picture a life without Summer in tow. That said, we bring her even if she’s heavy and sometimes lazy to go out. She’s been to Rizal Province, BGC, Megamall, Robinson’s Magnolia, Arlington, and even Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

Truth is, she worries sometimes of the places we go to. But I think she prefers it than we leave her behind. Now, we always think of where we’re going first, ensuring dogs are allowed.

Prioritize Their Health

Taking care of a dog is expensive. Summer two animal clinics regularly. She’s been to Vets in Practice in BGC, and Animal House Wilson near us. She frequents Animal House in New Hemady and PSPCA, Recto. She visits PSPCA for her regular shots, and kidney and liver check-ups. It’s the best clinic for her kidney and liver health!

On the other hand, we bring her to Animal House when she has skin problems. The clinic sells affordable shampoos and skin creams, perfect for Summer. It’s also where we get her Pet Tabs, and other supplements.

She has regular grooming schedules and I clean her ears regularly. Cleaning her ears at home requires ear cleaner and an ointment if there’s an infection. We also have toothbrush and toothpaste for her. We’re doing all these so we can provide a good life to her. A life that is long and happy so we can have her the longest time possible.

Just Give Them Love

In my experience, loving making a dog happy is easy. I’ve seen dogs who still love their family even if their family neglects them. Having said that, no dog won’t love you back when you give them enough love. Even with low budget, we can provide a good home to our dogs. With Summer, it’s expensive because she has some medical conditions. It would be different if she doesn’t.

There are dogs that have less restrictions. We’ve had dogs like that! They lived a long life, going to the vet only once or twice in their lifetimes. But they know how much we loved them. We fed them well and there were lots kisses and hugging involved. Dogs know and they always remember. They have feelings. Let’s take care of them.

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