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    Hobbies: 3 Passion Projects You’ll Love

    Hobbies – What do you do during your free time? In this household, we love to cook, bake, garden, make crafts, and more! Having a hobby is not only relaxing. It’s also fulfilling, especially when people appreciate your finished products. Here are three passion projects we love. I hope this inspires you. Hobbies – 1 Cooking I started cooking when I was 10. Mommy fried the bangus (milkfish) and told me I had to cook Bangus in Tausi. It was a familiar food. I’ve been watching my dad cook it for ages! That time, I was still afraid to fry fish, especially bangus. So, I cooked the already fried fish.…

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    Metro Manila Plant Festivals: 8 Exciting Reasons to Go

    The Metro Manila Plant Festivals scene has never been more exciting. It’s the perfect “gimmick” place for those who are already tired of the nightlife (ahem). The best part of going is that most plants are for sale! Hello to urban dwellers! If you’re like this writer who has limited space (and a plantita sister!), then you’ll love the smaller plants you can buy from sellers. Here’s how you can enjoy plant festivals in Metro Manila. Plants are Memory Enhancers The Ellison Chair in International Floriculture, Texas, said that people can concentrate better when they’re around plants. The organization also mentioned the importance of plants for memory. Life here in…

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    Hobby: 8 Reasons to Pursue It

    Hobby or to some, a passion. It may be as simple as collecting old movie tickets to something grand, like hunting down vintage cars. Sometimes it’s related to our careers like multimedia artists who earn through their arts. I earn through my passions. One of those is writing. I also sell some homemade goodies once in a while. Doing something I love makes me happy. It allows me to channel my creativity while earning. It’s awesome that more and more research shows that you can earn from your hobby and be content. Here’s what I learned so far. You Make Time for Yourself When You Have a Hobby Whether it’s…