• Metro Manila Plant Festivals
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    Metro Manila Plant Festivals: 8 Exciting Reasons to Go

    The Metro Manila Plant Festivals scene has never been more exciting. It’s the perfect “gimmick” place for those who are already tired of the nightlife (ahem). The best part of going is that most plants are for sale! Hello to urban dwellers! If you’re like this writer who has limited space (and a plantita sister!), then you’ll love the smaller plants you can buy from sellers. Here’s how you can enjoy plant festivals in Metro Manila. Plants are Memory Enhancers The Ellison Chair in International Floriculture, Texas, said that people can concentrate better when they’re around plants. The organization also mentioned the importance of plants for memory. Life here in…

  • Palaya Natural Farm

    Palaya Natural Farm: Travel and Family Bonding

    Palaya Natural Farm – the place to be! Traveling to Tanay, Rizal takes about two hours. That’s if you’re stopping by for breakfast on the way. Tanay is the perfect getaway near Metro Manila. It’s still secluded. But, the trip is short with beautiful views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. If you’re adventurous, you’ll love the winding road going there called Bitukang Manok. There was road construction near the farm when we went there. Yet, it was a pleasant trip for our family. The weather was good that day, and we arrived early. It was a weekday, only a few guests were there. It was like the whole place…

  • Philippine Plant Festival - Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

    Metro Manila Tourist Spot: A Beautiful Park in the City

    Metro Manila Tourist Spot When in Manila, you should visit the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. The underrated Metro Manila tourist spot has quaint spots, scenic areas, and lovely details to lure many travel enthusiasts. This writer has only been there twice. But, I loved my second visit. Due to the COVID pandemic, many recreational areas were closed for many months. The park is one of those. The Wildlife Center is slowly opening its doors to guests, starting with private photo and video ops. You may contact their Information Office if you wish to go there. Guests must reserve, follow the safety measures, and pay the entrance fee to…