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    19 Effective Ways to Overcome a Negative Body Image

    19 effective ways to overcome a negative body image – If you’re constantly criticizing your body, chances are, you have a negative body image. With the rampant display of flawless skin and thin bodies in the media, it’s easy to get distracted and compare yourself to others. But life isn’t always about the superficial. Here’s what you need to know. 19 Effective Ways to Overcome a Negative Body Image How do you know you have a Negative Body Image Frequent mirror checks and criticizing your appearance Letting comments about your appearance affect you Unhealthy jealousy of other people’s appearance, especially models, actors, and other influential personalities Assessing your appearance differently…

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    4 Reasons You Have a Negative Body Image

    4 reasons you have a negative body image – God made you in His image. It’s a beautiful saying from a bible verse. The meaning of it is very deep because of how society affects a person’s self-image. Some people are confident, but some lack it. Having a negative body image can affect your daily life. But what causes this in the first place? Here are four reasons why. 4 Reasons You Have a Negative Body Image Bullying Bullying is not cool! Especially for children, this torture can affect their development greatly. It’s possible to have a negative body image if you experienced bullying about your appearance in childhood. Criticisms…

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    Happy New Year 2021: Most Important Practices to Remember

    Happy New Year 2021! The year before was a challenging one. Especially for most of us, 2020 was a year full of trials, heartaches, and loss. So, this is the perfect time to gear-up and bounce back! Here in the The Journal Sisters, we’re all about health, finance, happiness, hobbies, dog bliss, and all things positive. Here’s how you can start your year right. Happy New Year 2021 Most people are surprised when they hear about someone who is healthy passing away. It’s an uncommon occurrence. Studies show that inactive people are more likely to develop chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. Also. as you age, your being healthy…

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    The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide

    The ultimate 2021 health guide is here! 2020 is a challenging year because so many catastrophes happened. Therefore, it’s normal to fear that more challenges are coming. Our family felt that fear. We’ve experienced terrible losses, including two loved ones (non-COVID19 related). And we’re still here. That said, it’s important to take care of ourselves the best way we can. The ultimate 2021 health guide can help you start the New Year right. It’s a comprehensive list of healthy practices and mindsets that can help you be healthy. Here it is! The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide A Healthy Immune System Your immune system is your second shield against diseases. We’ve…

  • Metro Manila Plant Festivals
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    Metro Manila Plant Festivals: 8 Exciting Reasons to Go

    The Metro Manila Plant Festivals scene has never been more exciting. It’s the perfect “gimmick” place for those who are already tired of the nightlife (ahem). The best part of going is that most plants are for sale! Hello to urban dwellers! If you’re like this writer who has limited space (and a plantita sister!), then you’ll love the smaller plants you can buy from sellers. Here’s how you can enjoy plant festivals in Metro Manila. Plants are Memory Enhancers The Ellison Chair in International Floriculture, Texas, said that people can concentrate better when they’re around plants. The organization also mentioned the importance of plants for memory. Life here in…

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    Hobby: 8 Reasons to Pursue It

    Hobby or to some, a passion. It may be as simple as collecting old movie tickets to something grand, like hunting down vintage cars. Sometimes it’s related to our careers like multimedia artists who earn through their arts. I earn through my passions. One of those is writing. I also sell some homemade goodies once in a while. Doing something I love makes me happy. It allows me to channel my creativity while earning. It’s awesome that more and more research shows that you can earn from your hobby and be content. Here’s what I learned so far. You Make Time for Yourself When You Have a Hobby Whether it’s…