Food and Travel

Food and Travel: The Ultimate List of a Happy Photophile

Food and Travel
Capturing the serenity of Baguio in 2019

Food and travel – I wish I can travel more. But life is happening, and with so many responsibilities, I take what I can get. Travel and food come together in my dictionary! My best adventures are the ones where I ate good food and went somewhere. However, any of these two really make my heart sing. The most important thing is good company! And I’m so blessed to have some great minds and hearts doing this adventure with me.

Food and travel
Night out with Jing in 2019
Food and Travel
Getting tipsy at Padi’s Point Antipolo
Food and Travel
Perks of being a writer

For the Love of Food and Travel

I’m a certified foodie! Cooking is my passion. Therefore, I stay often in the kitchen. Lutong Bahay (home-cooked meals) is still the best for me. But I also love eating out. My all-time favorite is Filipino food, though I’m also into other Asian, a bit of Italian, and American cuisine. I’ve said that I love good company. By that, I mean my family! I enjoy being a foodie the most when we share laughter and many memories.

I’m an easy to please traveler. The only thing that will keep me from visiting a place is the CR. I’ve experienced not-so-good toilet breaks. Thus, I have my favorite places. I’m in no way an expert and consider this website as a venue to document and share my experiences.

Happiness at Home

Home is where the heart is! We’re a family of food lovers. Some of us even love to try different cuisines. Combinations of vegetables, meat, fish, and other food ingredients come across our kitchens every day.

But, with great appetites also come proneness to allergies. Shrimp, other seafood, chocolate allergies, and more! You name it, one member probably has it. This is why it’s so important to be mindful. We always plan whenever we’re gathering together. Allergies and other health conditions are always taken into consideration. For example, there should be other food for the members who can’t eat shrimp, etc.

The Journal Sisters
We love delicious and healthy combinations!
The Journal Sisters
Plus This!
Food and Travel
Christmas Day is fiesta day!
Food and Travel Recipes
Yay for colorful muffins!

Food and Travel Happy

Traveling is such an amazing experience spent with loved ones or even alone. It can open up many possibilities for a person.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

The first and only experience I have mountain climbing is Mount Purro Nature Reserve. The secluded area is a haven for meticulous people. I say that in good spirit. I love having been there because their CR is divine! Also, we went there on a regular day. There are only three of us; me, Jing, and Kuya Yic. The place was quiet, with only the staff doing their routine work. We ordered a buffet lunch. My dream of going there was to experience their grande buffet setup. However, there were no other guests that day, hence, they set us with a large table with a buffet of so many foods exceeding our stomach limit (life is good).

Food and Travel
Reaching Mount Purro’s summit
I love their banana heart kilawin and burong sinaing!

Pacem Park, Pililla Sidetrip, and Padi’s Point

Another unforgettable experience I have going to Rizal is our Pacem Eco Park and Pililla Sidetrip with Padi’s Point last stop. For one day, we got to visit three beautiful spots in Rizal. Pacem is the quietest place of the three and our first stop. There were only the birds, and Mother Nature cradling us with sweet sounds and cool sights. Afterward, we went Pililla Windmills. The location of the windmills allowed visitors to see Laguna de Bay. It truly is a marvelous sight! I also noticed a mountain on the horizon. I’m not sure if it’s Mount Makiling. But, it’s also a charming view.

The Journal Sisters - Pililla, Rizal
When in Rizal
The Journal Sisters - Food and Travel Antipolo
Being one with nature will never tire me

Being near Manila, Tagaytay is one of the places we frequent. It’s also the last place we went to as a whole family. That was in 2012. The next time we visited, Nanay (our grandma) and daddy already passed. So, in a way, thinking about this place and visiting is a bittersweet experience for us.

Wow in Tagaytay!

Food and Travel Heals

Many times, eating and traveling unite families, friends, and even strangers. It’s a phenomenon we shouldn’t deny. Good food, even at home, attracts good conversations. And so does traveling. For me, it’s a treasure I’ll bring with me no matter where I go. The love of family and the love of fulfilling experiences is something I’ll take, even in the next life.

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