Palaya Natural Farm

Palaya Natural Farm: Travel and Family Bonding

Palaya Natural Farm - The Journal Sisters
Blue, green, and everything serene

Palaya Natural Farm – the place to be!

Traveling to Tanay, Rizal takes about two hours. That’s if you’re stopping by for breakfast on the way. Tanay is the perfect getaway near Metro Manila. It’s still secluded. But, the trip is short with beautiful views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. If you’re adventurous, you’ll love the winding road going there called Bitukang Manok.

There was road construction near the farm when we went there. Yet, it was a pleasant trip for our family. The weather was good that day, and we arrived early. It was a weekday, only a few guests were there. It was like the whole place was ours!

The Journal Sisters - Travel at Palaya Natural Farm
Family is Love

Our Growling Stomachs and McDonald’s

We always start our trips with a heavy breakfast. The usual choices are Jollibee, McDonald’s, or Chowking. These food joints offer affordable hot meals early in the morning. Most branches are clean too. Our choice that day was McDonald’s Antipolo which was open 24 hours. They have rice and bread combos with coffee or soft drinks. Some of us also ordered French fries. It was also our chance for CR break because the ride going to the farm is a long one. There aren’t many stopovers. So, if you’re also going, I suggest eating and going for a CR break in Antipolo, which is more or less one hour from Tanay, Rizal.

The Journal Sisters - travel tales at Palaya Natural Farm
What kind of tree do I see?
Palaya Natural Farm - The Journal Sisters
Flowers and a Path

Palaya Natural Farm, Here We Come!

As soon as we passed Bitukang Manok, I caught a glimpse of Pililla Windfarms. It’s located in a different direction, but also in Rizal Province. It’s where the nearby areas get their electricity supply. The next breathtaking sights we saw are the tree-lined roads. There were also stalls here and there selling various bamboo products. The most notable is their Nipa Huts. The smooth roads turned rougher as we were nearer to Palaya Natural Farm. It was a good thing we were riding a van. The stream going to our destination is quite long. It’s the same stream that the farm boasts.

Beautiful Tanay, Rizal
Farm in Rizal Province
Sweet, sweet province life at Palaya Natural Farm

Arriving at Palaya Natural Farm

We arrived at the farm a little past 8. The place was quiet and the first thing you’d notice are the hills surrounding the vicinity. The staff are people from the community. In a way, the management is helping them earn for their families.

We’re planning to go back there. If we do, we’re bringing snacks, other munchies, and drinks. We’re also going on a Market Day to try the buffet, and buy fresh products.

Two aunts, me, Jing, and our cousin-in-law rushed to the stream to soak. I noticed there were small fish. Those fish were biting us, giving us a fish spa. We enjoyed the water half of the time we’re at Palaya Natural Farm. Our cousin and uncle chose to go hiking while our mom and another aunt stayed in the Nipa.

Since it was a weekday, the male staff urged us to order early. We had Adobo sa Dilaw, Fried King Fish, and Longganis with stemed rice. I loved the food, but their meat was tough. It must have been because they cooked it very fast. Their Adobo sa Dilaw is a combination of pork and turmeric. This ginger relative is a common ingredient spice in Rizal. I bought some to take home in a road stall.

I missed two things that day. There were no dragonfruits (wasn’t in season) and it’s not market day. Though, there was an alateris fruit. It’s a childhood favorite here in the Philippines. I got some from the tree and ate it. It was so sweet!

For nature lovers
Clear waters and fish spa

Goodbye, Palaya Natural Farm

We left by mid-afternoon. The family wanted to eat in Antipolo before we go back to Manila. We stopped two times to buy vegetables and fruits. I bought kilos of ripe tomatoes (which I made into tomato jam), turmeric, ube (purple yam), and some more I already forgot.

Plenty of small hills going to the farm
Palaya Natural Farm
Time to get back to the Metro

My Takeaways

Palaya Natural Farm continues to develop as one of the top tourist spots near the Metro. Jing visited the place a second-time last year and mentioned there were improvements. Their toilet bowl is the type that doesn’t have a flush. That’s what I’m hoping they can upgrade (unless they upgraded it already). I saw on their Facebook page that they added a lot of fresh produce. The farm closed for a long time since COVID-19 happened. They’ve announced they’re opening soon and a lot of avid vacationers can’t wait to visit again. That’s me included!

Aside from the stream, I love the hills and mountain backdrops. They’re also back to basics. They use solar panels for fans, and they have a charcoal grill. There are lots of plants and shaded sitting areas. It’s one of the places I don’t mind going back.

Palaya Natural Farm
Goodbye Palaya Natural Farm
Don’t forget the pasalubongs!

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