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4 Reasons You Have a Negative Body Image

4 reasons you have a negative body image – God made you in His image. It’s a beautiful saying from a bible verse. The meaning of it is very deep because of how society affects a person’s self-image. Some people are confident, but some lack it. Having a negative body image can affect your daily life. But what causes this in the first place? Here are four reasons why.

4 Reasons You Have a Negative Body Image

4 Reasons You Have Negative Body Image


Bullying is not cool! Especially for children, this torture can affect their development greatly. It’s possible to have a negative body image if you experienced bullying about your appearance in childhood.


As mentioned, your childhood plays an important role in your life. It shaped you up. It was the beginning of your journey. That said, parents should always watch their treatment of their kids. They should also be attentive to what’s happening at school. The home and school are the top places where kids receive unwarranted criticisms.

The Media

Watching the news or browsing the net is fun. However, seeing models and actors having smooth skin and perfect faces may cause envy. You’ll have unrealistic expectations of beauty. Therefore, you may end up hating yourself when you have skin breakouts or an “imperfect” body.

Ideal Weight

The ideal weight varies for every individual. Factors like height, age, and gender affect your ideal weight. In other words, just because someone else has a 24 waistline doesn’t mean you must too. You can check out a weight checker.

4 Reasons You Have a Negative Body Image

A little bit of healthy jealousy now and then is alright. But don’t take it too far. It will only hurt you. Recognize the signs of a negative body image. It’s time to work on your confidence and self-love skills if you feel you have them.

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