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The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide

The ultimate 2021 health guide is here!

2020 is a challenging year because so many catastrophes happened. Therefore, it’s normal to fear that more challenges are coming. Our family felt that fear. We’ve experienced terrible losses, including two loved ones (non-COVID19 related). And we’re still here. That said, it’s important to take care of ourselves the best way we can.

The ultimate 2021 health guide can help you start the New Year right. It’s a comprehensive list of healthy practices and mindsets that can help you be healthy. Here it is!

The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide

A Healthy Immune System

Your immune system is your second shield against diseases. We’ve all seen how many people COVID-19 has devastated. One of the reasons they succumbed to the virus is compromised immune systems. Building up the immune system takes time. It’s a combination of healthy practices, like working out, eating right, taking supplements, adjusting well to stress, etc.

Guide to Eating Right

The most basic way to improve your immunity is to eat right. Dr. Ronaldo Balburias, a Functional Medicine practitioner, emphasizes the importance of nutrition in foods. For example, foods rich in Vitamin A are sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, kale, lettuce, pechay, and squash. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that contribute to a healthy immune system. Moreover, this vitamin is vital for better eye function, as well as lower the risk of acne. The more healthy foods you eat, the healthier you become.

Gut Health

Dr. Balburia added that a healthy immune system must start from the gut. To clarify, 70% of the immune system starts from the gut. The gut is the part of the body where all the food and nutrients are. It’s where the magic happens. In addition, it’s also the part that suffers when your food intake isn’t ideal. Ideally, natural foods are always better.

Proper Hydration and Enough Sleep

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Plenty of sleep and glasses of water make you healthy.

Another way to boost your immune system is to drink lots of water. You can add fruits to your water for more nutrients and extra taste.

The pandemic affected many lives. But there are silver linings too. One of these is sleep-deprived folks got to experience some zzzs. Sleep plays an important role in the immune system. It allows the body to recuperate.

Stay Active

Ultimate 2021 Health Guide
Me in 2019

If you’ve noticed, daily activities, especially strenuous ones, keep you sweating. Working out makes you healthy by protecting your organs. This way, you lower your risks of developing chronic health problems. Some of these are diabetes and hypertension. Plus, moving along will improve your mood and mental wellbeing. As all healthy practices are intertwined to keep your overall health A-okay, staying active helps you achieve a longer lifespan.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Ultimate 2021 Health Guide
Me, Jing, and Kuya Yic

It’s a given that this year is the most challenging in our lifetime. People everywhere are losing jobs, loved ones, and their own health. It’s easy to feel helpless, with the many pandemic news you may have access to. But the more you read about it, the more it gets fearsome. The truth is you can only hope that things will get better. That and a lot of courage to start over.

There’s a lot of things you can do to take care of your mental well-being. First, you can start lessening watching or reading the news. Or, try to watch only a few minutes daily to get updates. The next is to try staying busy. You can go back to forgotten hobbies. You can also try something new. This way, you’re taking your mind to a “positive place.” Third, being around loved ones during trying times can help you heal. It can also motivate you to stand up and bounce back. If all else fails, contact a health professional if you need the medical opinion of an expert.

The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide

Safety Practices Against Viruses

SM Megamall
SM Megamall after ECQ

Today’s COVID-19 situation has us wearing face masks and shields and using disinfectant for our bodies and surroundings. Here in the Philippines, the government implemented the wearing of face masks and face shields. Also, spraying alcohol and using hand sanitizers are suggested.

Face Masks and Shields

The most common protection is wearing N95, which is the best mask to use, according to DOH. Another best option is a surgical mask. The health department prioritizes the wearing of these in health workers. This is to help them prevent acquiring the virus.

Bleach, Disinfectants, and Alcohol

Ideally, your surroundings must be clean to avoid virus spread. You can use alcohol sprays, bleach, or disinfectant to clean the house. Businesses placed barriers between customers and their interiors to maintain their health protocols. This helps in giving the customers some peace of mind. And, you can also do this at home. You can shield the inside of your home from too much air by closing the windows. Or, you can put some curtains or other barriers to not let too much wind inside the house. Though alcohol and hand sanitizers are good for when you’re out and about, washing frequently is still the best way to eliminate germs.

The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide to Better Social Distancing Practices

Another way to keep healthy right now and in the future is to limit physical contact. Proper cough etiquette must also follow. A covered nose and mouth lower the risks of spreading germs and viruses. The DOH also implemented a 3-feet social distance between citizens. It’s the “new normal.” For now, handshaking, hugs, and kisses are ban in public. The most common courtesy now is the elbow-to-elbow greeting.

Lastly, you must practice self-quarantine if you’re experiencing symptoms or was in contact with a patient or PUI.

The most common COVID-19 symptoms are:

  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of movement or speech
  • chest pain
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • loss of taste
  • loss of smell
  • skin rash
  • discolored fingers or toes
  • conjunctivitis

The Ultimate 2021 Health Guide

Financially, a trip to the hospital can drain anyone’s bank account. Above all, losing loved ones or your loved ones losing you is very painful. But, you can prevent that by being healthy. Add more years to you and your family’s lives. This is the Ultimate 2021 Health Guide. I hope it helps you!

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