The Ultimate Gaming Laptop Guide

The ultimate gaming laptop guide – On your quest to buy a gaming laptop? There are many choices out there. It can be overwhelming! So before you pull out some hard-earned cash, you might want to take in these factors first. These are the non-negotiables in the gaming world. So without further ado, here are what you should be looking at when you’re canvassing gaming laptops.

The Ultimate Gaming Laptop Guide

Consider Your Budget

The Ultimate Gaming Laptop Guide
Choose Wisely

Buying a gaming laptop is a serious matter. The good thing is there are different price ranges to choose from. You can choose something affordable, which is in the $1,000++ price range, or expensive, which is in the $4,000++ range. There are differences in their features. Thus, factoring in your budget and features requirements is very important. 

Choosing GPU Over CPU

Gaming laptops
What GPU should you buy?

GPU is a big consideration in gaming. It’s more important than CPU. The best gaming laptops out there boast quality GPUs. In gaming, image is everything. And GPU makes that possible. Pairing a mid-range Intel Core i5( or higher) and a GPU in the top-tier like the NVIDIA GPU can do wonders for your gaming. 

Refresh Rates and Display

The Ultimate Gaming Laptop Guide
Screen display

Good gaming laptops feature fine visuals. Of course, you would want to experience the best when playing. Vivid colors and uninterrupted gaming time is a must, especially if you’re on-the-go. Therefore, a full HD display and up to 240Hz refresh rates can improve your gaming experience! 

Gaming Laptop Weight and Appearance

Laptop weight
The perfect laptop

Gaming laptops are often heavy! It’s hard to bring them around. If you’re always on-the-go, then you might consider this a dilemma. Hence, a lighter version is perfect. Also, you can impress anyone with a gaming laptop featuring a sleek design and interior. Think colorful lighted keyboard!

Laptop Memory and Storage

Laptop storage
The bigger, the better

At the very least, you can choose a gaming laptop with 8GB of RAM. However, it can affect the gaming experience. If you want to experience more, 16GB or 32GB is a better choice. For SSDs, 512GB would suffice. 

Other Factors to Consider

Laptop keyboard
What’s your color?

Choice of the keyboard also varies. More affordable versions offer simple designs while it gets more sophisticated as the price range increases. On the other hand, the battery life of a gaming laptop can be daunting. Though, there are brands that offer longer playing time

The Ultimate Gaming Laptop Guide

There you go! These are the factors you’ll want to look at when buying a gaming laptop. Some may be more important than others. Please note that you should buy according to your needs. This guide is to help you with that. Good luck with buying!

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