Work from Home

Work from home – remote work, onliner, digital nomads are some familiar phrases you’ll hear about the work of the future. For extroverts, this kind of setup may be daunting. Ask any introverts, and they’ll rave about it! This writer included. To give a summary about work-from-home, it’s any kind of career, allowing an individual to do at home. It can be a digital marketing job or technical support. Even secretarial jobs too. Hello, virtual assistants! These days, working from home makes a good impression. Here’s what you should know.

Work from Home
Enjoy a calm office at home

Though many scams lure unknowing work-from-home aspirers, there are also legitimate sites that offer career opportunities. Also, work from home is simply amazing! Why? Firstly, employers and employees benefit from a flexible workplace. Secondly, there’s more bonding time at home. Thirdly, no more traffic!

Work from Home for Employees

Many work-from-home peeps mention how great it is to avoid stressful office life. Well, it is! Imagine not having to go through traffic. Not only that. It also minimizes office-related anxiety. That’s because office politics is always present. And we all know that. Furthermore, employees are happier when they have lots of free time. Commuting time can go transform into bonding time with family and friends. Likewise, it can also be alone time! Happy employees are more productive.

Work from Home for Employers

For employers, the WFH setup is better than ever. For one, it allows them to save on office space. In Makati, Philippines, a listing for a 350 sq.m office space is at Php330,000. So, employers are also benefiting from this. Similarly, the WFH setup takes off other fees from employers. It’s a win-win situation! This is not to say onliners aren’t getting any benefits too. Many give perks to their employees. Some perks or benefits would be health insurance, leaves, free computer setup, free travel, and more.

The Cons

Of course, there’s always another side of the coin. One of those is cultural differences. Sudden change in a work environment can affect a remote team. For example, if not everyone is a native English speaker, then there might be hindrances in communication.

Differing timelines is also an issue. Additionally, some new hires may not be as good of an employee as they projected. Some will promise to deliver but can’t. On the other hand, some are always MIA. Expectations vary from managers to employees and clients. So is this setup really worth it?

Is the WFH Setup Right For You?

For this writer, it is! Setting aside the lean months, working from home is good for people who would rather spend most of their time at home. It’s the best setup for self-starters. Pursue this industry if you want more free time but still make a career. Just remember that it’s not all easy work. You’d have to be as responsible, diligent, hard-working, and more as you would working in the office.